Multi-agent simulation software


name description language model-design gui news lists examples tutorial manual pros cons review platforms latest version src license
sss us irit geneura Linux other UNIX MSWin Mac
swarm libraries objective C, Java - x x x user guide very extensive, highly tested difficult to learn x x difficult to learn; powerful, flexible fastest; difficult for beginners x irix, solaris, hp/ux 9x, NT, 2k - 2.1.1 x GNU GPL
Evo framework for swarm objective C x x genetic algorithms - - - (x) x solaris 9x, NT, 2k - 1.0.1 GNU GPL
MAML "macro language" for swarm objective C alpha version - gen, sci x user guide, reference, technical vrml - - objective C needed; no mail list (x) x - NT - x
SDML modelling language VisualWorks Smalltalk x x x .hlp 1999? x x few examples; communication via DB - x adux, aix, hpux,irix, solaris 3.1, 9x, nt, 2k PowerMac 4.1 GNU GPL
RePast "java port of swarm" Java x x api doc, diag, howto, faq built-in tools, movies - - few examples less complete than ascape 1.4 (24.1.02) BSD
Ascape new version of Sugarscape Java exploring x api web, movies - - end-user tools; little user doc simplest; more complete (gui) x solaris, unix x MacOS 1.9.1 (12.10.00) w/o fee for non-comm
Agentsheets generation of Java applets x x movies manual, faq - - spreadsheet approach; very simple use; simple simulations; teaching; poor agent interaction; applets generation - - - x x 1.4/2.1 comm
Starlogo * logo-like turtles commands (Java) x x x x, x getting started, commands easy to use, applets generation inflexible, slow - - no OO; applet generation; easy to use; lots of examples; inflexibility; not for complex models - x solaris 9x, nt, 2k, me, xp x 1.2.2 (10.8.01)
StarlogoT logo-like turtles lots only Mac - - - - - - - PPC 2001 R2
NetLogo logo-like turtles Java x x lots x user - - - - (java) 1.0 (1.4.02)


Primera versió / First version: 8.IV.2002
Darrera modificació: 6 de setembre de 2002 / Last update: 6th September 2002

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