Projectes europeus / European projects


4th RTD Framework Programme (1994-1998)
5th RTD Framework Programme (1998-2002) Thematic Programmes
Horizontal Programmes
  • Confirming the international role of Community research (INCO II)
  • Promotion of innovation and encouragement of SME participation
  • Improving human research potential and the socio-economic knowledge base
  • Direct Actions - Joint Research Centre
Fifth (Euratom) Framework Programme
  • Research and Training in the field of Nuclear Energy
  • Direct Actions - Joint Research Centre
eContent programme (2001-2005)
RTD beyond 2002

Information Society Technologies - IST

  • Key actions (Partner search by key action)
    I. Systems and services for the citizen I.1 Health
    1. Intelligent systems for the monitoring of health status
    2. Systems for health professionals: creating a "Health knowledge infrastructure"
    I.2 Persons with special needs
    1. Systems for independent living
    I.3 Administrations
    I.4 Environment
    1. Intelligent systems and services for civilian and environmental crises management
    I.5 Transport, tourism
    1. Systems for mobility: take up and clustering activities
    II. New methods of work and electronic commerce II.1 Action lines spanning KAII
    1. Exploratory high risk/long term research
      • SIMWEB
    2. Strategic roadmaps for applied research
    3. Addressing eEurope an eEurope+ objectives
    III. Multimedia content and tools III.1
    III.5 Spanning actions
    1. KA3 specific support measures
    2. Preparing for future research activities
    3. KA3 pioneering research
    IV. Essential technologies and inrastructures IV.1
    IV.2 Computing, communications and networks
    1. Cognitive vision systems
    2. Advanced control systems
    3. Networks and technologies for distributed services and applications
    4. Computing, communications and networks - take-up measures
    IV.3 Technologies and engineering for software, systems and services
    1. Composability and dynamic adaptability in software, systems and services
    IV.4 Real-time and large-scale simulation and visualisation technologies
    1. Simulation and visualisation technologies
    IV.5 Mobile and personal communications and systems, including satellite related systems and services
    1. Towards technologies, systems and networks beyond 3G
    2. Validation of wireless and mobile systems and technologies
    IV.6 Interfaces making use of various microsystems
    1. Networked audio visual systems and services
    IV.7 Peripherals, sub-systems and microsystems
    1. Microsystems and miniaturised subsystem modules for portable applications
    2. Integration of sensors and actuators for increased intelligence, interaction and networking
    IV.8 Microelectronics - optoelectronics
    1. Microelectronics design and IP re-use
    2. Microelectronics technologies - processes, equipment and devices
    3. Optical and opto-electronic technologies
    4. Industrial micro- and opto-electronic technologies take-up / assessment actions

  • Call for proposals
    1st 19 mar 1999
    2nd 1 oct 1999
    3rd 10 feb 2000
    4th 25 jul 2000
    5th 14 oct 2000
    6th 27 jan 2001
    7th 7 jul 2001 / 4 sep 2001
    8th 16 nov 2001


  • Key actions
    I. Improving access to and expanding use of public sector information I.1 Experiments in concrete projects
    1. Demonstration projects
    2. Definition-phase projects
    I.2 Establishment of European digital data collections
    1. Demonstration projects
    2. Definition-phase projects
    II. Enhancing content production in a multilingual and multicultural environment II.1 Fostering new partnerships and the adoption of multilingual and multicultural strategies
    1. Demonstration projects
    II.2 Strengthening the linguistic infrastructure
    1. Improving the effectiveness of eContent customisation
    2. Addressing the skill gaps
    3. Broadening the knowledge base
    III. Increasing dynamism of the digital content market III.1 Bridging the gap between digital content industries and capital markets
    1. Awareness of available business tools
    2. Networks, partnerships and services
    3. Accompanying measures
    III.2 Rights trading between digital content market players
    1. Demonstration projects
    III.3 Developing and sharing a common vision
    1. Digital content observatory
    2. Strategic studies
    III.4 Dissemination of results
    1. Accompanying measures

  • Call for proposals
  • Projectes / Projects
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